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Benefits of the Zip System of sheathing a beach home in the Wilmington NC area.

Building a home at the beach can be an involved processed. If you are going to build a home in Wilmington, its important to understand some basic concepts so you can make educated decisions on how you wish to build your home

In this video, you will see an interesting discussion on the sheathing in a home. There are many ways to handle sheathing, and this is one of them:

The nice things about this system is that you can see where the nail holes are. It is particularly helpful in beach environments where you sometimes get driving rain, especially horizontal driving rain.

Here is part 2 of the Video:

In Coastal North Carolina, this happens! Unlike Tyvek solutions, the Zip Wall is much harder to penetrate. Too often Tyvek solutions resulted in water penetration and wood rot.

Provided by Justin Donaton