As we enter the HOT selling season, my team and I wanted to share some important information that we take seriously – that is our commitment to our Buyer Clients. Coastwalk Real Estate is a tight-knit group of 18 agents. We work together, we support each other, and we take seriously our obligations to all clients

Below is a summary of our philosophy:

As your agent we are committed to doing what it takes to find you the ideal home, investment property, or vacation destination. If it takes many hours of searching the MLS, previewing houses, working with other agents – our commitment is to give you 100% effort until we find you the perfect home at the right price.

We will put it all on the line. We will devote all of our and our staff’s professional energy to the accomplishment of your goals – again, finding you the perfect home at the right price.

The number of hours, days, weeks, or months (if necessary) it takes to help you reach your goal is not relevant to my commitment to you and our relationship. You will receive 100% commitment on our part from day one forward – regardless of how long it may take.

You will receive continuous communication and updates as to how we’re doing and the progress and possibilities available to you. You will receive any assistance you might need to arrange financing, inspections or any other needs of the buying process.

We are committed to helping you make the move and become a new homeowner in as stress-free and easy of a manner as is professionally possible.

The bottom line is we are committed to our relationship and helping you every step of the way – regardless. Your best interests are our first and top priority and together we can accomplish your goals. Together, with a little hard work, we can help you find the perfect home at the right price and make it a smooth easy process for you to become a proud new homeowner.

A Small Favor We Need To Ask of You in This Process:

First, openly and honestly communicate (we will first share and discuss with you the required NC Form ‘Working with Real Estate Agents”).

The success of our relationship depends on open honest communication. You need to tell us your likes, dislikes, what you want, and don’t want and above all, when you have concerns you let me know so we can address your questions.

For investing our time in our relationship, helping you search, find and negotiate the purchase of a home for you, we would like to ask you to make a commitment to our relationship and allow us to be your exclusive buyer agent.

What Does Being Your Buyer Agent Really Mean?

It means in this relationship we are forming a team and committing to each other. We are both understanding of each other’s needs and have only one goal – to help you find the perfect home at the right price.

By you making this commitment to our relationship we are empowered to commit all of our resources to the accomplishment of your goals. Now this may seem like a big step – but as one final assurance…

You Have Our Risk-Free, Cancel-Any-Time  Guarantee

If at any time you feel we are not living up to our end of our agreement you can end our relationship, walk away and you’re under no further obligation what so ever (unless we have already found you a home)!

So the ball is totally in our court to perform. If we do – we accomplish our goals together. If we don’t deliver – you can walk away.

Please take moment to visit our website, at to search for homes this Spring. If you need an agent, please call us at 910-458-9119.


Expect Results:


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