Wilmington has lots to do for art lovers. The Cameron Art Museum is a great place to take in this wonderfully artistic city. Here are a few things to do, groups and events:

The Young Patrons at the Cameron Art Museum in Wilmington, NC, are the membership group for burgeoning and seasoned art lovers and artists in their 20s, 30s and 40s. The group's second event is an intimate conversation with artist Charlie Brouwer on his upcoming installation, Rise Up Wilmington. Complimentary wine/beer and snacks. Admission fee includes child care. Free admission for CAM members. HOURS: 5:30-7:30pm. More Info: Phone: (910) 395-5999

Description: Appearing at Cameron Art Museum in Wilmington, NC, Charlie Brouwer is an artist from Floyd County, Virginia. Ladders have often occurred in his sculptures and installations, and Rise Up Wilmington is the latest in a series of temporary public art projects he has been creating with communities. These projects are designed to bring the art and artist into closer contact with his audience –- especially new audiences. He does this by inviting all parts of the community to help create a sculptural metaphor for itself by lending their individual ladders to be part of the whole –- rising up to a magnificent crescendo. Working together with the museum staff and volunteers, he will spread the word through all available media about the need for ladders. They will also distribute flyers, and go door to door in an attempt to invite all parts of the community. The result will be a substantial sculpture made of hundreds of ladders held together with heavy duty cable ties -- each one carefully tagged and recorded to ensure that they all will be returned after the month-long exhibition. HOURS: 6:30-8pm. More Info: Phone: (910) 395-5999

Description: Co-sponsored by the Cape Fear Jazz Society, The Jazz @ the CAM concert series returns for a 2nd season with some of the best jazz musicians in the Wilmington NC area and beyond. This evening's concert features El Jaye Johnson & the Port City All Stars. HOURS: 6:30-8pm. More Info: Phone: (910) 395-5999

For more info on art events, visit the Cameron Art Center site here:http://www.cameronartmuseum.com/