When looking for homes, we often wonder how well the home has been maintained while the  previous owner lived there.

A home inspection can help determine this.

But, what can you do on your own to help?

The first thing I do is to look at the northeast side of a home...outside and inside. If there is water damage, often this is where it can occur. I also look around windows and doors to see if there is any wood rot.

"Spot" painting can be an indicator past damage has occcured.

Inside, take note of applainces...have they seen a lot of wear and tear?

Do you see rust on the HVAC or the Hot Water heater?

It also can be helpful to speak wiht neighbors, often then are eager to help find their new neighbor!

Just becuase a home has been lived-in, does not mean its not a great buy.

Even new homes these days (and we sell a lot of them) have issues. After all...threy are houses, and things happen.

If you do your homework, ad hire an inspector...you can be assured your home will not be a lemon.

Problems happen, but so long as you (or the previous owner) addreses these problems when they occur...then everything should be just fine.

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