Four key areas to monitor in your home

Routine home inspections can save you a lot of money. While you don’t have to have a top-to-bottom walk-through to spot problems, there are four areas you’ll want to regularly keep an eye on.

A home doesn’t have to be a repair time bomb waiting to go off. In fact, one of the simplest and most cost-effective ways to prevent major repair bills is a simple schedule of inspection. Not having basic systems in your home inspected from time to time because you’re afraid of having to make a minor repair is like avoiding going to the doctor because you don’t want to know about a lurking health problem. Which is better: A wake-up call from your physician, or a major heart attack?

A home inspection for routine maintenance doesn’t have to involve the thorough inspection conducted during a home sale. In fact, if you keep an eye on four fundamental areas of your home, you’ll head-off big repair or reconstruction bills in the future.

1. Pest Evaluation (Every Spring)

Depending on where you live, you may have routine pest control to take care of ants, roaches, and other bugs. But it’s a good idea to have a termite and powder post beetle inspection each spring. If undetected, these particular pests can eat away your home’s value.

2.  Roof Inspection (Every Fall)

Before severe weather arrives, be absolutely sure your roof is up to the beating it might take from snow, rain, and high wind. Roof inspection prevents leaks and keeps unwanted creatures from making your house their personal nest.

3. Electrical Inspection (Every five years)

A faulty electrical box, obvious frayed wires, and electrical work that falls out of code are all areas of concern. A fire is perhaps the most devastating event in a home owner’s mind, so periodic review of your home’s electrical system can help prevent a nightmare scenario.

4. Plumbing (Annually)

Water is a pernicious destroyer of homes. From slow leaks that grow mold and attract bugs to sudden pipe failures that can flood a basement, plumbing needs to be monitored. A plumber can spot corroded pipes and other simple fixes.

Home maintenance is about protecting your largest investment. With a smart schedule for keeping up with your home, you can protect your savings and sleep well at night. Need reference for reputable inspectors? Contact Coastwalk Real Estate, we are happy to help!