Before buying a home its imporant to ahve a survey performed. In addition to identifying lot lines, a survey can tell us if there are any enchroachments such as a fence, garage, or othre structure from an adjacent property.

The cost of a survey runs betwee $$350 and $500 for a home on a smaller lot. Prices can be hihger for larger parcels.

At teh completion of the survey, you will recieve a nice map of the property showing all; lot lines and structures. Often teh survey will have a soft copy they can email you as well.

Another service a surveyor provides is an 'elevation certificate". Your insurnace company willl need this IF your home is  located in a flood zone. The cost for a Elevation Certificate is about $500.

There are a handful of well qualified surveyors in the Wilmington area. If you would like the names and numbers of our recomendations, please contact us today...and we'll pass there info along.

You can also consult the National Associtation of Surveyors:

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