Have you ever thought how useful Pinterest might be for imagining your dream home? My clients have used it in surprising and exciting ways.

Pinteresting Ways to Inspire Your Home Ownership Dream

What’s with Pinterest? Is it just one more social network you don’t have time for, or could it be a powerful, fun tool in your life? When it comes to the dream of home ownership, many of my clients have found it super helpful.

Here are X ways my clients and friends have been using this rapidly growing social network to “pin” their dreams:

1. It helps you track what you like about homes. Like a scrapbook, Pinterest is a great way to keep track of houses, places, and views that remind you what you like when you’re home hunting. Snap with a smart phone and pin with the app and just like that, you have a record.

2. It keeps a conversation open with friends, spouses, family, and even your real estate agent. I’ve heard of husband and wife teams using Pinterest boards to share what they want in a home and get feedback from others. It’s even useful at the outset of the home hunt, when I ask clients what sort of homes they love. No need to describe it! I can quickly browse their shared boards.

3. It keeps renovation project ideas on the radar. Clever ideas, killer style, gardening go-tos, luxury lifestyle touches, and awesome accessories can be gathered for when the time comes to make those rewarding upgrades.

4. Finally, it inspires you to save. For a lot of first-time buyers, the willpower to save for a down payment can quickly wane when the number seems so large. Pinterest boards are a great way to help boost flagging motivation along the way. Those images can get you excited about your future!

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