Homes with elevators North Carolina Beach

For those requiring easy access to top floors, and for those who want to shuttle groceries and luggage to a to floor without having to use the steps, a home with an elevator is a great option.

These days, many homes are being built with elevators in beach towns across North Carolina.

This is being done for several reasons:

1) The cost of elevators is reasonable

2) Handicap accessibility

3) Inverted Floor Plans (where the main living space is on the top level. This is often done when the home provides water views)!

For some homes, they provide elevator shafts, so you can add an elevator at a later point in time.

We have lots of homes in the Wilmington NC area with elevators. Please take a look at our website to search homes with elevators, or call us at 910-458-9119

Provided by Justin Donaton