Looking great without spending much money is a lot easier than you may think, especially if you follow a few basic rules.  For starters, one of the best things you can do is to get a good haircut.  When your hair looks great, you’ll look stylish.  Here are a few more tips…


  • When shopping for clothes have a plan.  Buy clothing that is versatile. Think little white blouse, under a blazer, with a pair of slacks or cute skirt.  Don’t purchase an outfit that only goes together.  You’ll get more looks for a lot less money.


  • Buy clothes that are made of quality fabrics and that fit your body. Great-fitting clothes always look better than clothes that don’t —even if they’re on sale.


  • Buy classics that are well-made and that never go out of style (the chic little black dress, sleek dressy slacks, the classy skirt).  When in doubt dress monochromatically.  It’ll make you look slimmer, and it’s easy to add accessories to jazz up your look.


  • Invest in accessories (stylish shoes, a great scarf, trendy belt, leather bag). Good-looking jewelry can make a simple outfit look polished.


  • Lastly, buy clothing at the end of the season when you can find great savings.  You can get great deals on suits, jackets, and shoes.


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