Marketing a home is not like marketing a commodity, such as bottled water. While everyone needs shelter, it would be a serious oversimplification to say that’s all a home offers.

Many agents take the perspective that a home is the right home for a buyer simply because they happen to be selling it. The truth is it can be a real waste of time and effort convincing people that a home’s qualities are exactly what they’re looking for. It’s far more efficient to market the home’s qualities to the segment of buyers who have a natural lifestyle fit for the home.

Segmenting buyer lifestyle is an excellent way to optimize the budget for marketing a home. Rather than taking a shotgun approach, we like to tailor the home’s story as much as possible to the types of buyers who best represent the projected buyer for a specific listing.

Analyzing the specific qualities of the home is a natural first place to start. Is it close to an organic farmers’ market? Next to a country club with a legendary golf course? Does it have a garage fit for two BMWs, or is it a one-Prius sort of place? Has it got natural family sprawl or bachelor appeal?

We also like to talk with the sellers about what originally drew them to the home. What caught their eye? Why was it the right place at the right time? What is encouraging them to move on now?

All of this adds up to the story of a listing. This story can then inform the marketing plan for the property, staging decisions, social media, and even the way photos/videos are shot and presented online.

We’re no longer looking for a convenient cave for shelter from the elements. We live in homes. Our homes should reflect our lifestyle. Keeping this in mind throughout the entire listing and marketing process is what makes me good at matching properties to buyers for my clients each and every week.

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