Are the first 90-seconds the most important?

Stopwatch image.Tammy Lenski, the conflict resolution expert of Conflict Zen, recently turned us on to a very interesting concept promoted by Phil Gerbyshak and pioneered by Jim Fannin, called "The 90-Second relationship Rule."

Excerpted from from Phil's blog post on the subject:

If you've been away from someone you care about at least 2 hours, the next 90 seconds have a bigger impact on them than spending hours and hours on them later. Walk in the door and be fully engaged in the moment. Regardless of your day prepare to focus your energy toward the people that matter most.

Investing those first 90 seconds says:

I love you
I care about you
I value you
I need you in my life

Now, while you may not need to come out and tell your clients you love them in the first 90 seconds, you can probably see the value in mindful focus within the first 90-seconds.

Also: Think about those lunch meetings you've had with other agents, brokers, and business professionals. Have they opened with you on the phone, chatting away, partially engaged in their presence? Could the entire tone of the meeting change, based on practicing the 90-second rule?

For a deeper look at this in the context of family and relationships with loved ones, don't miss Jim Fannin's video on Phil's post: