3 Seldom Seen Selling Techniques

How do I advise sellers to help market their home in seldom overlooked ways? Here are three tips that help buyers see the property in a new light.

These Selling Tips Help Adjust Buyer (and Seller!) Mindsets

Selling your home soon? It can be hard for sellers to come up with the details that make their home unique and appealing to buyers, especially since they’ve decided to move up or move on.

I like to offer these three selling perspectives that help encourage sellers to see their home in a particularly favorable light. Ask yourself these questions and see if you don’t begin to see your listing with fresh eyes:

  1. 1.  Where are the little luxuries in my home?

Don’t think big, think small: Did you have a professional organize your closet storage systems last year? Are there built-in items in the garage which make it a natural home for a future handyman? Did you weatherproof and tune-up the storage shed out back to double as a home office? Do the kitchen cabinets have slide-out shelves or other small luxury amenities? It’s not all about whirlpool bathtubs and brand new appliances... look for little wins that a lot of buyers will appreciate.

2. Why does your home beat apartment or condo living?

Many first-time buyers will have reached their limit with neighbors, noise, and cramped quarters. Sell your home on its merits compared to the “shared space” life. Is your neighborhood quiet? How big is the lot? What’s parking like at your house?

3. What’s fun nearby? (Even if you don’t think it’s fun.)

Even if you’re not a golfer, weightlifter, or theater-goer, those activities nearby can be a nice plus for potential buyers. With a new home comes the hope for personal growth and change, and playing up any activities that may catch a buyer’s eye are well worth mentioning. Have you become blind to activities nearby, simply because they’re not for you? Look again!

Of course there’s more to selling a home than these three tips, but hopefully these will get you thinking. For a more comprehensive sense of how I get my clients top dollar for their house, get in touch today: 

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