Things to do in Carolina Beach

This week I wanted to share my favorite places to go, and things to do, in Carolina Beach!!

The weather is perfect, the water is still warm, there are some good waves, and there are lots of activities happening around the island!

On my way to work most mornings, I stop at the Ocean Blvd beach access to check out the waves. It’s a great spot as you can pull your car right up to the beach and take a look at what’s going on. The “Pipe” is to the south, and the Tiki Bar to the north. It’s not uncommon to see porpoises playing in the waves, fish jumping, and an occasional stingray splashing.

Heading north, a stop at the Veggie Wagon is a must. They offer fresh produce, yummy food, organic treats and a great wine selection.

Pack a bag and head to the Carolina Beach Lake. You can jog around the lake, bring the kids to a playground, visit Duke and his paddle boats, or just relax with the ducks at your side.

For those looking for some adventure, you can visit the Tony Silvangi Surf School…located at the Hang Ten Grill, or the Hamlet Street beach access. The smile on faces after meeting Tony is priceless…rent a paddleboard or get a surf lesson from a world champion (and local) professional surfer!

Stop in for a cup of coffee at Majic Beans – something special is in their brew!

The business district in Carolina Beach is one of the best places to walk around…there are some delicious restaurants. Nikki’s, The Deck House, and Havana’s are three of my favorites.

And don’t forget about our friends and the local businesses on the boardwalk. The rides are gone, but there are lots of treats for locals to enjoy – be sure to support our local businesses in the off season too.

What is your favorite restaurant?

On the North End, you have to visit the pier…this offers one of my favorite views on the beach. Be sure to say “hi” to Freddy and his family while you’re up there. Check out the surfers at Sunskipper, and if you can get up early, be sure to bring a cup of coffee and enjoy the sunrise!

If you have a 4x4, Freeman Park is a truly special place to visit…lots of great spots to relax, tidal pools to play in, and bonfires to enjoy. If you’re into camping or a day on the beach, you can’t beat Freeman Park!

For the boaters on the island, there are some great marinas including Joyner’s Marina (Oceana), Mona Black’s and Waterfronte. There is also the town boat ramp off Spencer Farlow Drive which was recently renovated…it’s beautiful and is a great spot to fish too.

For nature lovers…an afternoon at Carolina Beach State Park is well worth the visit. I love walking and running the trails at the park. There’s a ton of nature to enjoy…see if you can find a Venus Flytrap, and try to find Sugarloaf Mountain!

Finally, I wanted to thank the Town of Carolina Beach for their commitment to Mike Chapel Park. There are great ball fields, a playground, basketball, tennis, the skate park, a dog park and more. This is a part of town I know a lot of locals really like!

There are a lot of other hidden treasures in Carolina Beach including great beach spots, tasty restaurants, and places to play…so get on out there and discover them this Fall!

Provided by Justin Donaton