Town of Carolina Beach Info Nov. 18-22 2014

Assistant Town Manager

Attended the NCBIWA 2013 conference on Monday. Reviewed options for permitting Shallow Draft Inlets, Biggert Waters Act, CRS points, local gov’t regulatory authority on the beach, and future Storm Damage Reduction Projects.

The Town continues to move forward with Phase A improvements which include upgrades to all the infrastructure on Cape Fear, Clarendon and 5th Street between Cape Fear and Clarendon. Upgrades also include updating the streetscape on the same. A third workshop was held on Tuesday November 19 that was attended by 2 Town Council members, 3 staff members, 2 engineers, and approximately 15 citizens. Interests from participants included:

1. Can existing sprinklers in the right of way be moved back during construction? This can be done on a case by case basis as needed. Homeowners can contact our project management team when the construction nears their resident to ensure these activities are noted. Some encroachments in the right of way can be moved back by contractors but may need to be reestablished by the property owner on their property (i.e. decorative features such as fencing or decorative landscaping walls).

2. Can lighting and landscaping be done in front of my home or away from my home? This can be accommodated now during the engineering process. Several modifications were noted on the plans as changes per the comments.

3. What is the construction timeline? The timeline for the infrastructure under the intersection of Cape Fear and Lake Park is mid-January 2014. The project is tentatively planned to begin in late April on Clarendon and Dow Road and begin moving east. The plan is to complete Clarendon and 5th Street during the summer when school is closed. The project will start up again on Cape Fear after the summer season is over.

4. Will signage impact local businesses (i.e. push people away from our downtown)? Signage will be necessary to redirect traffic away from areas closed or where limited access is available. Staff is working on a plan that limits the impact on business owners and still properly warns motorists of delays or closures.

Discussed plans for updating all Town Codes with Town Manager and Town Clerk.

Toured the 911 facility and EOC at New Hanover County

• 14 plan reviews
• 38 inspections
• 1 stop work order
• 3 weeds and junk calls
• Atlantic Towers maintenance/repair permit issued

• 39 phone, emails, and walk-in Planning and Development inquiries
• 2 CAMA permit/exemptions
• 5 Finals
• 7 building permits
• 1 Flood-zone determination letter
• BOA meeting - denied a variance to reduce the 50’ lot frontage requirement to 20’.
• Followed up with CAMA on the static line exception
• Meet with MPA student on Issues and challenges facing Carolina Beach for a class project.
• Reviewed PZ minuets
• Attended streetscape workshop 11/20
• Attended Town’s Hazard communication meeting
• Meet with owners of a brewery that would like to come to Carolina Beach, owners applied for a Text amendment to allow for a Brewery.
• Worked on a text amendment for Hookah Café allowances within the town.
• Reviewed text amendments with Assistant Town Manager

Upcoming Meetings: TRC Tuesday 11:00

• Event Ordinance is still at department head level to be reviewed by TRC next week.
• Finalizing contract for Step up for Soldiers
• Went out and picked up signs and did some sign ordinance enforcement
• Working on the Health and Wellness Fair – Arts and Activities Committee has volunteered to help next meeting for the Fair is Dec 4th
• Planning the Ribbon Cutting for the Sandpiper Dingy Dock. Working with Cape Fear Sail and Power Squadron to do free boat inspections for 2014 and hand out safety guides and coastal boating guides

Public Utility Department:

• Local projects and repairs are still on schedule. Staff performed all operational/maintenance tasks and laboratory analyses as necessary to maintain compliance with all applicable permits.
• The VFD cabinets for the Plant #2 aeration blowers were delivered on Monday, 11/18 and stored in the storage building.
• Staff assisted with preliminary checks on Lift Station #5 job on Tuesday, 11/19 and will assist with repairs as needed.
• Contractors inspected influent grit separator gear box for coatings service on Wednesday, 11/20.
• Four WWT employees received required OSHA Global Harmonization training on Thursday, 11/21.

Construction Division:
• Read meter routes 1-5
• Installed 3 irrigation meters
• Exposed force main at lift station 5 to verify pipe material and site plan for emergency repair.
• Obtained material quotes for lift station 5 repair.
• Continued utility locates for system rehab survey
• Worked with G2 Construction to provide some meter repair and installation support
• Worked with AMI contractor to visit and evaluate the water tower sites.
• Marked pole location for AMI pole for north end of coverage.
• Continued to clean sewer mains to meet the state requirement.
Contracted Services:
• Completed two directional bore water service installations on Pinfish to avoid cutting the newly paved street.
• Completed the sewer service core in manhole and installed required boxes for the Bridge Barrier project.
• Worked with contractor to verify and review site plan for upcoming rehabilitation project on the failing main sewer lines at PS # 5.

Accounts Payables/Customer Service
• Processing meter reads for upcoming November billing (route 7 and 8 are currently out in field)
• Next week :
o Last minute payments from customers.
o Disconnect for non-pays to be done on Tuesday, 11/26
o Billing must be completed and mailed before we leave Wednesday afternoon (11/27).
o Address cut-offs if needed?
• Working with BB&T representative to process electronic payments-this will cut down on the number of checks we receive in the mail.
• Building/water-sewer permit and impact fee process has improved by using the square footage. We have not received any negative feedback received from builders or citizens

• As of 11/21/13, we count 1343 meters changed out (meter installation is about 34% complete)
• Contractor currently changing out meters in route 003 area (Carolina Sands, CBA South, 100-400 block of S Lake Park Blvd)
• Contractor expects to have routes 1,2,3, and 8 completed in full before meter reads start around 12/15/13
• Customer service and billing staff went in the field to view how/what is required to complete a meter change out (with contractor). Our staff got some good hands on training. This will help the staff to be more knowledgeable about answering customer questions
• Contractor agreed not to do change outs when town is closed for holidays; schedule sent to contractor of town closings

Force Main/Streetscape:
• Had a public meeting on Wednesday evening and talked to several residents that live in that area or have businesses in the proposed construction area.
• P&L contractors continue to clean and video specific infrastructure in the proposed construction site as requested and needed by the engineers to provide accurate plans and profiles.
• Engineers have been asked to provide an estimate for the cost of streetscape construction prior to scheduled LGC meeting.

Other Projects:
• Got a schedule of values and time lines from Engineering Services pertaining to overall projects.

Police Department

• Up fit and graphics installation of 2 new cruisers initiated.
• Initiated grant for CALEA ($10,000).
• Roster of NIMS trained personnel initiated.
• Global Harmonization Training for department initiated.
• Budget review.
• Staffing review.

Public Works

- Most Environmental Department efforts were focused on the installation of all the luminaries and other decorations surrounding the lake and Boardwalk areas, as well as coordinating amongst other groups to facilitate the setup. Efforts will continue through the middle of next week, prior to the light up on the weekend after Thanksgiving. All major items are installed, with a punch list of smaller items remaining. We are on track for completion by the deadline. The replacement lighting arrived, along with new speakers and wire. The speakers and wire will all be utilized going forward , after the future Boardwalk improvements. Great teamwork to make this all happen within the short timeline!
- Stormwater staff also contributed to the Christmas by the Sea setup this year. Their attention was focused on beautifying the large fire pit and decorating the cove across from the nativity scene as a team-building exercise (I have attached a photo for those that have not seen the giant barrel sculpture!). They also took on the task of decorating the lot behind the gazebo, after sponsorship was withdrawn last minute.

- On those two notes, we are proud of all the Public Works staff for pitching in and working together diligently to help provide a Holiday display that the community can be proud of. A great deal of planning, organizing and scheduling is involved with this setup and they have done a fantastic job.

- Bridge Barrier Site – A large percentage of backfilling and grading was completed this week. The lines to the underdrains and basins were installed and connection made to the sewer system. The concrete pads will be constructed next.

- Stormwater staff installed a tide flex valve on the outfall pipe at Florida Avenue.

- Attended streetscape meeting with staff and engineer, as well as a workshop on the project.

- Attended meetings to discuss Special Event Ordinance, Island of Lights Parade route, Lake Dredging and Freeman Park issues.

Parks and Recreation

• 2013/2014 Youth Basketball practices have begun
o The gym schedule can be seen on our Facebook page

• With the help of several volunteers the front lobby of the Recreation Center has received a new coat of paint.
o We also prepped two areas in the downstairs hallway for mural projects

• Talked to several distributors of key fobs and scanning equipment for the recreation tracking software
o A final decision for the supplier and scanning equipment will be made in two weeks.

• At the Ad-hoc Aquatics committee meeting, a timeline was drafted for the remainder of the swimming pool project.
o This information will be sent out once it is approved by the committee.
o The goal of the Ad-Hoc Aquatics Committee is to present the project at the March Town Council meeting.

• Staff has been working hard decorating the Boardwalk Welcome Center for Christmas by the Sea.

• We have received a lot of interest from perspective instructors to offer additional classes at the Recreation Center
o This is due to the installation and excitement of the new floor
o We plan an exciting fitness program in January

Fire Department

Station Addition:
• Metal building started being erected this week.
• The brick mason set up today and should start laying block next week.
• Bi-Weekly Meeting with building team.

• Meeting about future parade route.
• Meeting with town manager about the future of EOC Operation.
• Toured New Hanover County EOC with Assistant Manager and Manager
• Met with water department to discuss starting hydrant flowing for this year.

Town Manager
• Parking Contract Transition discussions with Lanier Parking and SP Plus.
• Attended the Carolina Beach Inlet Association Meeting to discuss Inlet Dredging
• Parks and Recreation Department Discussion on Fees
• Met with League of Municipalities
• Meeting to plan for Lake Dredging
• Meeting to discuss and collect information regarding the Town’s responsibilities at Freeman Park.

 Provided by Justin Donaton