Home inspections allow buyers to gain the comfort and security they need in order to make a home purchase these days. A qualified home inspector will evalaute many components of a home to determine if there are any repairs that need to be addressed.

For example, a home inspector will evalaute the roof, the air conditioning system, plumbing fixtures, electrical work and more.

While not an expert in each discipline, a home inspector can often detect any potential problems. If problems exist, they often will recommend furher evalaution by a qualified and licensed contractor.

Inspections are most commonly ordered by buyers, however it can be a good idea for a seller to order one as well (before listing their home). Being proactive can often help resaolve an issue, before it becomes a larger problem.

At Coastwalk Real Estate, we are happy to provide you wiht the names and cotact info of three home inspectors to consider using.

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