Can a good “app,” or web application you use on your computer, smart phone, or iPad really save your life?  Sounds far fetched until you read what these apps can do to help you live better, longer and stronger. 


¨       iTriage:  This app helps you search for treatments and causes related to your symptoms.  It also can store your health records and guide you to medical facilities in an emergency.  Go to and  then click on Mobile Apps.


¨       Pocket First Aid & CPR:  With both text and video, this app walks you through the steps to take when someone is in crisis.  You’ll see what to do for things like bites, bleeding, bruises, burns or even if the individual has stopped breathing.  Type in Pocket First Aid & CPR at


¨       Melanoma Self-Exams:  Use the app at to take a picture of a questionable skin lesion.  Within seconds after tapping on “Check Risk,” the app will provide you with a risk analysis.


¨       Quit Smoking:  Download an app called MyQuit Coach from and quickly be on the path to becoming a non-smoker.  This program creates a personalized plan to help you set goals, track your progress, and connect to others who want to quit.


¨       Brain Trainer:  Neuroscientists have designed games to keep your cognitive performance sharp, improve your mood, and enhance your memory.  A good one is called “Brain Trainer” by on iTunes.  This can help prepare you to think quickly in an emergency to save your life, or someone else’s life.