Wilmington NC Home Decorating Tips

Summer is here, and there is certainly a buzz around the beach! Some new shops, restaurants and lots of summer time events to look forward to in Carolina & Kure Beach!

Some summer hours are too beautiful to be ignored. Whether those dewy dawns before the sun is at full strength, or the long evening hours when the heat bleeds off the day, there are times when being outdoors is a tremendous pleasure.

But this doesn’t mean you always want to spread out a blanket or a lawn chair. In fact, creating a “transitional space” which blends outdoor living with indoor amenities is a great way to maximize the season. The California room is just one of those spaces.

California rooms are typically situated in the rear of a home, sometimes connected to the home by sliding glass doors. The California room is usually a covered space with flowing outdoor fabrics and durable, luxurious “indoor” style furniture such as chaise lounges, couches, ottomans, and even coffee and accent tables. Walls give way to curtains. It often includes a dining space or even a protected (or moveable) entertainment center. Bluetooth music systems with outdoor speakers are also a nice touch.

If you see yourself spending a lot of time outdoors, you might consider supplementing your California room with an outdoor kitchen. A good grill, an outdoor sink in a stone or other durable counter surface, and some built-in refrigeration for drinks is a great way to upgrade your California room.

The California room is one of the hottest trends in home design right now. If you search Google images for “California room,” you’ll find hundreds of design examples from down-home country living to lavish, Mediterranean-inspired decor. Pinterest and Houzz are also great places to research California room styles.

The beauty of the California room is that it can be scaled to meet your budget. Even a modest transitional space with some cover and cozy furniture can make a small home feel larger and improve your quality of life.  

What does your dream California room look like? What are your must-haves and your nice-to-haves? How would you like to use your California room?

If you’re looking for a new home with the ideal space for a California room, I’m happy to help you with your search. Let’s talk soon: Please call me at 910-352-0998. Thanks a ton and have a terrific week!