Wilmington NC New Homes

Buying a new home is the American Dream. At Coastwalk Real Estate, we have a great selection of new homes for sale listed on our website. Take a look, and if you are interested in more details, please call us at 910-458=9119

Some of the many advantages of buying a new home include:

 Ease of maintenance. New homes do not require as much upkeep as older homes, due to improvements and durability in their building materials.

Customization. Choice of selection for the buyer’s tastes and lifestyle.

Floor plans that are designed for this decade. Properties with largerand more operational kitchens, multimedia rooms, family rooms, and better use of the available space.

Green options. For a greater efficiency and comfort.

Technology oriented.  Appropriate wiring, sound proofed, cable accessing, more electrical outlets, internet access, computerized options, etc.

Safety. No hazardous substances, like asbestos, lead based paint, etc. Built according to current building code and features for protection against eventual natural disasters.

Builder’s warranties. Complete warranties that cover everything inside and out of the house, and for longer time.

Community. A community of new homes allows the planned development of a specific lifestyle. Like, active adults, family with children, sports, etc.

Being the first owner! That speaks for itself!

Provided by Justin Donaton