Beach House Wilmington NC

Its a dream of many to have a house on the beach. Enjoy the beautiful sunrises on the Atlantic Ocean with a beach house in Wilmington. There are three nearby beaches to choose from: Wrightsville Beach, Carolina Beach and Kure Beach.

Each town offers its own unique character. At Wrightsville Beach, your beach house may be a sprawling ocean front Estate. In Carolina Beach you can find more affordable (but also expensive) beach homes. In Kure Beach, you will find one of the prettiest settings anywhere on the east coast. Nature lovers really enjoy Kure Beach.

You can search for ocean front homes in Wilmington here.

A beach house means something different to everyone. Some like classic cottages with pine walls, others enjoy extravangent homes wiht modern features.

I thought this was a good explanation of "beach house" found on Wikipedia:

A beach house is a house on or near a beach, sometimes used as a vacation or second home for people who commute to the house on weekends or during vacation periods. Beach houses are often designed to weather the type of climate they are built in and the building materials and construction methods used in beach housing vary widely around the world.[1]

Beach houses are often associated with beach gardens with a special planting and a particular type of leisure use. One of the most famous twentieth century beach gardens was constructed by Derek Jarman at Dungeness, England. It celebrated local materials, native plants and the openness of the site. Other beach gardens have tried to create an isolated microclimate. Swimming pools are popular in beach gardens.[citation needed] American architect Andrew Geller designed sculptural beach houses in the coastal regions of New England during the 1950s and 60s.[2]