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5 Things To Never Carry In Your Wallet (or Purse)

 Do you even know all the things that are in your wallet or purse right now?  Here are five items to look for and remove to limit your risk of identity theft if your wallet is lost or stolen:

¨     Multiple credit cards.  Carry just one card or possibly a debit card.  Don’t carryspecific credit cards (like a department store) or gift cards unless you’re going on a shopping trip.  Thieves often use them without having to show identification.
Good idea:Do a wallet inventory andphotocopy all the cards you own so you can report their loss and replace them if necessary.

¨     Your social securitynumber.  With this most important key to your identity and your name, thieves can do everything from opening new accounts to filing false tax returns. 
Good idea: Memorize your number.  If you have a Medicare card, copy your card and black out the numbers except for the final four.

¨     Your passport.  If you’re going overseas you must travel with it, but that doesn’t mean you have to keep carrying it around.
Good idea: Carry a photocopy and leave the original in your hotel lockbox.

 ¨     Checks.  Your checks show your bank routing and account numbers, and thieves often sign them and get away with it. 
Good idea: If you must carry checks, take just what you might need for that day.  Also try online banking to pay your bills.

¨     Password list.  No one can remember all of them, I know. 
Good idea:  Use an encrypted tool to store your password like the SplashID mobile app or for your computer.


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Provided by Justin Donaton

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