Recharge with Easy Office Exercises

Unlike many office workers, real estate professionals like myself have greater opportunities to be active during the work day. But that doesn't mean that long hours behind the desk are out of the picture.

To rejuvenate and refocus, it's important to break up long, sedentary periods with activity. A lot of my clients spend time in offices or in sedentary work environments, which as we know, can be hazardous to your health.

Next time you're putting in hours behind your computer screen, set yourself a reminder to get up and perform some simple exercises to get the blood flowing. Not only will your stooped shoulders and numb butt thank you, but you'll probably find that the conscious act of scheduling breaks will help improve your focus.

Here are six YouTube videos to guide you through a desk-exercise routine:

Simple Physical Therapy at Your Desk:

4 Minute Neck & Shoulder Stretch:

Chair Yoga Leg Stretch:

Exercise at Your Desk:

Exercises You Can Do at Your Desk:

10 Minutes of Chair Yoga:


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Provided by Justin Donaton

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